Family denied entry to Olympic games for carrying Kirpan

Mr. Dalwinder Singh Sandhu and his family were denied entry to Olympic game for carrying Kirpan Credit: Mr. Dalwinder Singh Sandhu

A Sikh family are upset after they say they were denied entry to an Olympic football game in Coventry because the father was carrying a small Kirpan.

A Kirpan is a ceremonial sword or dagger carried by Sikhs.

Dalwinder Singh Sandhu was attending the games with his wife, children aged 6 and 4 and other family members and friends.

My father, wife and I are baptised Sikhs and we openly disclosed that we were carrying a small Kirpan under our clothes but we were still denied entry.

The Sikh community wrote a letter to Lord Coe in March last year, asking if Sikh's were allowed to carry Kirpan's into games.

At Games-time, small symbolic ceremonial daggers (an Article of Faith with a maximum blade length of 3 inches) carried for religious reasons will be allowed. We have worked closely with the Sikh community and the Metropolitan Police on our plans in this area, and published this statement on our website and I would appreciate your help in communicating this to your Federation.

Mr Singh says he was upset that he and his family were not allowed entry.

Words cannot describe how upset my family and I are from being excluded from an Olympic event the we had been looking forward to for such a long time. The Olympics are supposed to be all about inclusion and embracing all nations and cultures. This obviously does not include the Sikh population.