Five years since Hells Angel M40 murder

Gerry Tobin - Hells Angel murdered on the M40 Credit: ITV Central

The annual Bulldog Bash Bikers' Festival has taken place this weekend, exactly five years after Gerry Tobin - a Hells Angel, was murdered on the M40 as he left the event.

The festival, which has taken place at the Shakespeare County Raceway in Warwickshire, has continued to attract bikers from all over Europe, with up to 10,000 people ascending on the four day event.

Due to the large presence of Hells Angels, the police have tried on several occasions to revoke the festival's licence. On the contrary, organisers say the event is safer than most other festivals.

Jerry Tobin was murdered five years ago today by the rival motorcycle gang Outlaws, after leaving the Bulldog Bash Bikers' Festival on his Harley-Davidson motorbike. Seven men were convicted for the killing.