Man bitten by King Cobra snake is stable

Mark O'Shea is a reptile expert and has handled many snakes before Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

A snake-handler who was bitten by a king cobra snake is reported to be in a comfortable and stable condition in hospital.

Mark O'Shea, an author and television presenter from Shropshire, was bitten on the leg by the reptile at West Midlands Safari Park yesterday afternoon.

He was airlifted to Worcestershire Royal Hospital as a precaution as venom can be lethal if it enters the bloodstream.

He was assessed as being stable and suffering no serious effects from the bite.

"It doesn't seem to have been a major problem and he is stable and comfortable. We have a very well-rehearsed protocol for anything involving venom and we have anti-venom on site."

Mr Lawrence added:

"It is very, very rare that these things ever happen."

Mr O'Shea remains in hospital.