Stan the Warwick Castle eagle refusing to fly down

10-year-old Stan in flight, he is currently flying around Leamington Spa Credit: Warwick Castle

A bird of prey from Warwick Castle who flew away during a show on Thursday lunchtime has finally been found but is refusing to fly down to the bird-handler.

The White Tailed Sea Eagle named Stan, which has a wing span of 6 and a half feet, was found this morning after viewers of Central News in Leamington Spa, watched the story and then spotted Stan at the local rugby club last night.

Three falconers were up at dawn and began their hunt for Stan after he flew away from Leamington Spa Rugby Club, they soon found him at Leamington Spa Mosque, where he remains.

Adam Butcher of Warwick Castle said they are relieved he is well and that he has been found, but trying to capture him is going to be very difficult as it all depends on when Stan decides he wants to eat again.

Chris the falconer will remain near to Stan until he grows hungry and flys down to him for food.

Adam said that although eagles can survive for a week without food, Stan is used to a routine diet so it should not be too long until he is back home at Warwick Castle.