Human remains found in search for Richard III

Richard III Credit: ITV Central

The team digging up a council car park in Leicester in search of the grave of King Richard III have called the discovery "exciting news".

The dig is now in its third week and archeologists have already discovered a wealth of finds.

  • The site of the site of the medieval Franciscan friary known as Grey Friars

  • The eastern cloister walk and chapter house

  • The site of the church within the friary

  • The lost garden of former Mayor of Leicester, Alderman Robert Herrick

  • Inlaid floor tiles from the cloister walk of the friary, paving stones from the Herrick garden, parts of the stained glass windows from the church and artefacts including a medieval silver penny.

Richard Taylor from the University of Leicester said,

Philippa Langley from the Richard III Society said,