ITV Central's Wesley Smith describes being the envy of the LG Arena as he secures an interview with George Michael

George Michael performs at a charity concert Credit: PA Pictures

The atmosphere at the LG Arena, in Birmingham, was crackling with anticipation as thousands of people came from across the country to see their hero.

Everyone I spoke to was genuinely thrilled George Michael had recovered from the pneumonia he had contracted during his last tour. Three nurses on a night out from Wolverhampton joked with me they'd be on hand to look after him if he took ill during the show.

When Pat Fenelon, the cameraman, and I arrived it looked like getting an interview with George would be out of the question, especially as this was his first UK performance in the Symphonica tour.

We said we'd be quick and then the call came through. Come backstage now!

We whisked our way past thousands gathered in the arena. There we were with the classical musicians tuning up behind the scenes, then the man himself was presented to us. A very warm handshake from George and we were off as you'll see.

Just minutes later we witnessed the spectacular opening of the show. The lush red drapes, like something from Moulin Rouge, turned blue and the huge shadow of George was projected onto them from behind. You felt the rumble as the crowd erupted as their hero came centre stage.

George Michael, in concert Credit: PA Pictures

A red glow grew from the backdrop to bathe the whole stage in a dramatic first number. What a showman! Jazz, orchestral and old favourites and George clearly back in great form and delighted to be in Birmingham where he'll perform again tonight.