Science is hoped to cut the number of burglaries in Birmingham

Police guard a property Credit: PA Pictures

West Midlands Police are launching a new experiment to try to cut the number of burglary victims in the city.

The new science enables officers to predict where crimes are going to happen.

Research has been conducted by the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science and has discovered that people living near someone who's been burgled are more likely to be targets too.

Officers are now visiting victims of burglary and securing their homes. Locks, alarms, timers and fake TV devices are all fitted in a bid to prevent a further attack.

Police also inform the neighbours of the burglary and advise how to improve security at their homes.

They could receive some of the specialist gadgets too, if their house is found to be weak in certain areas.

West Midlands Police are trialling the experiment across half of the city to see if it is a good way to spend tax payers' money. Police are also looking at the routes burglars take in certain areas to try and find a pattern in the attacks.