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A Derbyshire family are supporting a unique clinical trial that can increase the success of pregnancy in IVF treatment

Katherine and Brett Hart's family Photo: ITV Central

It was third time lucky for Katherine and Brett Hart, when their son Tyler was born.

The couple from Ockbrook, in Derbyshire, had already had 2 failed attempts at IVF and their third try was going to be their last.

Baby Tyler (right) was born after a third attempt of IVF Credit: ITV Central

Katherine has a 7 year old son, but after a further 2 ectopic pregnancys she was unable to conceive naturally.

They were treated at the CARE Fertility Centre in Nottingham, and today they've welcomed news that the clinic are offering free embryo chromosome testing for 200 couples about to embark on their first IVF cycle.

Professor Simon Fishel, Managing Director of Care Fertility Group says they are trying to increase the chance of success in IVF for couples.

Katherine and Brett Hart from Ockbrook in Derbyshire Credit: ITV Central

The clinical trial is the first of its kind in the world and is specifically for couples under the age of 35.

It would have been particularly beneficial to Katherine and Brett, as they only found out by accident that Brett is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis, after Katherine became pregnant at their third IVF attempt.

Katherine Hart explains the worry she had during her pregnancy.

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