Midlands' car manufacturers are at the centre of a global vehicle sales boom according to new figures out today

Midlands based car makers are at the centre of a global sales boom Credit: PA

Vehicles that are made in the Midlands are leading the way in a global sales boom.

Figures released today from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that the Midlands is making more cars this year than it did in 2011.

That figure could be even higher if smaller firms, who keep the big manufacturers going, could expand.

The SMMT's figures show that the production of cars and commercial vehicles in August was down 7.2% as the UK produced a total of 86,185 vehicles. But that is normal, as many factories close in August for a summer break.

Overall, total production of vehicles is up 11.2% from January to August with a total of 1,027,792 cars produced.

The SMMT say the growth is fulled by demand from markets like China and Russia as the demand in Europe remains poor.

Richard Parry-Jones is from the Automotive Council, he says that the conference is all about finding ways to make the supply base grow.

India's Tata Motors is pouring £370 million into its Jaguar Land Rover facilities including those in Birmingham and Solihull, while Toyota's Derby factory is to get £100 million of investment from its Japanese owners.

The SMMT has brought the UK's biggest automotive makers and suppliers together at a conference near Solihull. Along with the Automotive Council, they are looking at the opportunities locally and nationally for suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to boost growth, jobs and output in the UK. Offering firms incentives for things like apprenticeships is thought to be a key way to boost growth.

Paul Everitt, from the SMMT, says that global interest is opening up huge opportunities for the UK supply chain.