Leicestershire Police reveal new '3D scanner' device

The brand new '3D scanner' will be revealed later today. Credit: Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police will today unveil a new device which its hoped will reduce the time motorists spend waiting for roads to re-open following accidents.

The new '3D scanner' will replace the manual recording of incidents which requires hundreds of separate measurements compared to just a handful of measurements from the 3D scanner.

The device is predicted to save around 30 minutes at each of the thousands of incidents which occur nationally - time the government says costs UK trade and industry £1 billion each year in lost earnings.

We know that waiting for the roads to reopen can be frustrating for motorists. The device will enable us to get traffic flowing again in a shorter time, reducing the inconvenience.

Video courtesy of Leicestershire Police via YouTube.

Before the scanner was released, creating an accurate plan of a scene required an officer to physically 'walk' the scene to take the necessary measurements. The new device takes billions of laser measurements in a single scan, building them into a 3D map which can show animations of the incident occurring.