Melton Mowbray burglars sentenced

Joshua O'Gorman and Daniel Mansell were sentenced to four years each Credit: ITV Central

Two men were jailed today at Leicester Crown Court for attempting to burgle a farm in Melton Mowbray, during which the householder shot at them with a legally-held shotgun.

Joshua O'Gorman and Daniel Mansell were sentenced to four years each.

Sentencing them Judge Michael Pert QC said:

"If you burgle a house in the country where the householder owns a legally held shotgun that is the chance you take: you cannot come to court and expect a lighter sentence."

He also said that the property was deliberately targeted; it was in an isolated area, the men had to cross fields, what the men did, involved significant planning, they went equipped and they went as a group.

The break in was reported to police in the early hours of Sunday 2 September at 12.26am when householder Andy Ferrie reported that a group of men had broken into his home in Melton Mowbray.

Mr Ferrie stated that he had fired a legally-held shotgun and the intruders had left the scene.

Around 5 minutes later the ambulance service called to inform police that they had been called to a man suffering from shotgun injuries.

A second man admitted himself to Leicester Royal Infirmary with similar wounds, neither injuries were life threatening.

35-year-old Andy Ferrie and his wife 43-year-old Tracey were arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm but later released without charge.

There was much public support for Mr and Mrs Ferrie who released a statement thanking the public for their support.