Mr Mitchell told he's "toast"

Andrew Mitchell faced tough questions from Ed Milliband today Credit: PA

The future of Sutton Coldfield MP and Government whip Andrew Mitchell once again dominated fierce exchanges in the House of Commons today.

At Prime Minister's Questions the Labour leader Ed Miliband went on the attack suggesting that his decision to allow Mr Mitchell to stay in office sent completely the wrong message to the public.

Namely that there is one rule for those at the top, one rule for the rest of people.

He argued that for anyone else the swearing outburst at police at the Downing Street gates last month might have led to a night in the cells but for Mr Mitchell it was another night at the Carlton Club.

In reply the Prime Minister restated his view that what Mr Mitchell had said and done was wrong but that his apology to the officer had been accepted and the Metropolitan Police did not wish to take the matter further.

Tonight, Conservative back benchers on the 1922 committee will hold their regular meeting at which the future of the Chief Whip is expected to be discussed.

It's certainly a very uncomfortable time for the member for Sutton Coldfield.

His integrity is being questioned and it may be some time yet before the row of whether he should stay or go calms down.