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Hundreds turn out to help save baby's life

14-month-old Ronnie needs to find a donor match by Christmas to cure his rare form of leukaemia Photo: ITV Central

14-month-old Ronnie Manders has inspired people from across the country to travel to Redditch to sign on the bone marrow donor register.

Ronnie has a rare form of leukaemia and needs to find a donor match by Christmas. He’s currently being treated with chemotherapy but a transplant is his only hope of survival.

Hundreds of people have attended a recruitment event in Ronnie's hometown to register as a donor Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds of people have attended a special recruitment event in Ronnie’s home town of Redditch where the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity signed 153 new potential lifesaving donors.

A transplant is Ronnie's only chance of survival and he needs it by December Credit: ITV Central

The process is easy and takes just a few minutes.

All it takes is a sample of saliva to know if a bone marrow can be matched with someone who desperately needs it. There are thousands of people in Ronnie’s position, and only matches for half of them.

A facebook group, Rally for Ronnie, has already attracted 4500 followers.