Child's balloon travels 1,700 miles to Finland

Darby with the balloon before it was released and made its way all the way to Finland Credit: Family's own

A toddler who entered a helium balloon race in Northampton has won by miles, literally, after it travelled all the way to Finland.

Darby Cowdell, a visitor to a funday in the town last month where the balloon race commenced, celebrated her second birthday yesterday (Saturday 20 October).

Her mum Amy entered Darby into the charity race organised by Northamptonshire Police to raise money for Air Ambulance, by writing her name on a big piece of yellow card attached to the balloon.

It was only a week later that Darby's mum Amy received a call from Northamptonshire Police to say Darby had won the race by 1,700 miles.

Juhani Katajamaki from Seinajoki in Finland found the balloon in his back garden Credit: Northamptonshire Police

The balloon had been found by a man called Juhani Katajamaki from Seinajoki in Finland in the back garden of his home on 24th September, just eight days after the balloon was released from Northampton.

The balloon had crossed Denmark, Sweden on its journey. Mum Amy says she has tried telling Darby how far her balloon travelled:

Darby looking very happy, her mum says she will tell her the great story when she is older Credit: Family's own