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Zoo keepers sacked for allegedly 'beating elephants with canes'

Tonzi the elephant the 28-year-old elephant at the centre of the allegations Photo: ITV Central

Three zoo keepers have been sacked and arrested after allegedly beating some of the elephants with canes.

Tonzi at 28-years-old is one of the oldest Asian elephants at the zoo and is one of the animals at the centre of these allegations.

Last month staff discovered that two of the elephants were being mistreated by keepers.

They were captured on CCTV allegedly beating the animals with canes.

The zoo say there is zero tolerance to any abuse of animals in their care and the three men were sacked and reported to police immediately.

Tonzi was a rescue elephant. She came to the zoo from a timber camp in Burma 15-years-ago.

Earlier this year her daughter Tara gave birth to a calf which sadly was stillborn.

The three men at the centre of these allegations have been arrested and questioned by Leicestershire police.

They are currently on bail pending further enquiries.