King Richard III relative visits the spot he died

Michael Ibsen, a direct descendent of Richard III's sister visiting the place the King fought and died Credit: ITV Central

Just over a month ago, global media attention was focussed on a car park in Leicester as archaeologists announced they had found the remains of what could be Richard III.

In two months, history might be officially re-written as DNA tests are due to reveal whether or not it is really him.

Scientists are comparing the DNA with that of a direct, living descendent of Richard's sister, Michael Ibsen from Canada.

As the nervous wait for those results continues, Central Tonight's Gareth Owen has taken Mr Ibsen to the field where his ancestor fought and died.

During the emotional visit, he was able to walk on the battlefield for the first time.

Michael Ibsen is a direct descendent of Richard III's sister. A sort of great grand-nephew of the last Plantagenant King but there are 15 "greats".

Only recently has this field near Stoke Golding in Leicestershire been identified as the probable true location of the Battle of Bosworth. Archaeologists have narrow down the spot of Richard's death to a few hundred feet. And this is the first time that Michael Ibsen has ever walked this ground.

Last month archaeologists in Leicester found what they hope, what many believe, are the remains of Richard III.

Buried at the site of a demolished friary. Michael's DNA is now being used to check whether the skeleton really is that of a former king.

Michael Ibsen said it is extraordinary to think he is related to King Richard III Credit: ITV Central

Now the long wait. Results from the DNA tests are due back within the next two months. If there is a match,history would be rewritten.