"Is it okay to walk my donkey on a public footpath?" and other bizarre questions Notts County Council receives

Caller: "Is it okay to walk my donkey on a public footpath?" Credit: PA

Taking a call from someone asking if it "is ok to walk their donkey on a public footpath" is not something you would expect to be asked at Nottinghamshire County Council but that is just one of many unusual queries staff regularly deal with.

Nottinghamshire County Council have released the top ten most bizarre questions they have been asked over the phone to coincide with the launch of its new telephone number.

  • Caller: "Is it okay to walk my donkey on a public footpath?"

  • Caller: "I lost my trainers on the way home from the pub last night. Has anyone handed them in?"

  • Caller: "Id like you to ask the archery club who use the field near us to practise, to move their targets. The targets are next to the public footpath which means they are firing arrows at me when I walk past."

  • Prior to this summer's visit by HM The Queen to Nottingham, caller: "I'd like to book and appointment to meet the Queen while she is here please."

  • Caller: "Can I exercise my kestrel at Mansfield tip please?"

  • Caller: Can you tell me where the Studio Hairdressers in Bingham have moved to please? It's cheap for pensioners and they do your feet as well."

  • Caller: "Can I put a tent on the verge for guests to stay in?"

  • Caller: "Do I need to take a puncture repair kit with me on the Great Notts Bike Ride and how much do they cost."

  • Caller: "I have tripped in a pothole, broken my arm and cannot get into the budgie cage. Can you help?"

  • Caller: "How can I dispose of a metal longbow and arrows? Are they accepted at the tip?" The longbow and arrows have ended up on display at the Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre.

Councillor Martin Suthers, Deputy Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council said,

The new County Council customer contact centre number is cheaper than the current one.

The new number is 0300 500 80 80, for more information see the Council's website.