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Dogs 'ripped out claws' in fear of fireworks

Dogs ripped out their claws in fear of the recent fireworks. Photo: ITV Central

Firework displays near Birmingham Dogs Home said to be so loud they were like a 'war zone' left kennels splattered with blood and dogs with their claws hanging off.

Terrified dogs struggled to espace the blasts and left the pet home in a scene of carnage.

The home is now making a plea, both locally and nationally, to consider animals and reduce the decibel factor.

A kennel is left covered in blood Credit: ITV Central

With the recent Diwali and Bonfire night festivals, the home is anxious that dogs may be further injured by panic reactions to other explosions.

Frightened dogs attempted to claw their way out of kennels and threw themselves against kennel walls.

Blood is splattered over the kennel doors Credit: ITV Central

Staff spent the morning after mopping up the blood stained kennels and settling the distressed dogs involved.

The explosions were horrendous and far more excessive than the legal 120 decibel level. I could have believed I was in a war zone.

– darren calvely, home manager