Four Nottingham firefighters to collect the Queen's Gallantry Medal

Sanjeev Mohla and Andrew Alexander have been awarded the medals for their work at a house after a gas explosion Credit: ITV Central

Four Nottinghamshire firefighters will be awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal today (9 November).

Andrew Alexander, Sanjeev Mohla, Daniel Wareham and Matthew Will, all from Stockhill fire station in Nottingham, were awarded the medal for their actions after a major gas explosion at a house in June 2010, which left two people seriously injured and destroyed the property.

The four firefighters had left the station and were responding to another emergency call when the explosion happened as they were passing.

They stopped immediately and despite the dangers of further explosions and the building collapsing, they carried two critically-injured adults out of the house, who were then taken to hospital for treatment.

The Queen's Gallantry Medal is only one level below the George Medal, awarded to civilians for acts of exemplary bravery. The ceremony takes place later today (9 November).