The Midlands Artisan food and drink producers

A three-part series covers some of the locally made products across the Midlands Credit: ITV Central

Midlands' Artisan Bread

What are you planning to have for dinner tonight? We are all used to having a choice, it is something we take for granted, and mass produced products mean we are only ever a microwave 'ping', away from a meal.

But concerns over farming methods, healthy eating and food miles, has prompted a revival in local Artisan foodcraft.

Making something from scratch, using simple ingredients with nothing artificial added.

In the first of three features on 'real food', made here in the Midlands, Jane Hesketh meets a baker who has gone back to basics.

Midlands' Artisan Cheese**

Concerns about what we eat and how its produced has resulted in a revival of local Artisan food craft. These are craftsmen who make food using traditional skills and methods that have been passed down through generations.

Last week we introduced you to Tom Baker, who true to his name, bakes artisan bread in a kitchen in Stirchley in Birmingham. Tonight its the turn of Joe Schneider from Stichelton Dairy near Mansfield. He has revived the tradition of making English blue cheese using raw milk, straight from the cow.

Midlands' Artisan Wine

We usually import ninety-nine per cent of the wine we drink, but one man from Leicestershire is on a mission to change that.

In the third of our series on artisan food and drink producers in the Midlands, Jane Hesketh has been to meet a wine-maker who's bucking the trend and winning awards.