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Toddler savaged as she played in park

Two-year-old Destiny was attacked by a dog as she played in a park Photo: ITV Central

A two year-old girl has been savaged by a dog as she played in a children's park. The toddler was bitten on the face and needed plastic surgery for her wounds.

Her mother says, as with the fatal attack of a one-week old baby earlier this week, dogs are an unpredictable danger to children and she's now getting rid of the family's own pet.

Destiny Henry-Khan was as brave as any two-year-old could be after her face was ripped open by a dog on the loose. The animal went for her in a seemingly unprovoked attack as she played on a children's roundabout last weekend.

The attack happened at a recreation ground in the Billesley area of Birmingham Credit: ITV Central

Her parents had let their friends take the toddler to play at a recreation ground in the Billesley area of Birmingham while they went shopping for Christmas presents for Destiny. While they were out they got a phone call to say their daughter had been savaged by a dog and was in hospital.

"She said all she heard was a dog growling, she turned round to grab Destiny and the dog was already on top of her, savaging her face"

– Lauren Henry, Mother
Lauren says she received a phone call telling her that Destiny was in hospital Credit: ITV Central

Destiny was playing on a children's roundabout when she was attacked. Her mother's friends say the dog appeared from nowhere - it just leapt over the fence and started to attack her. As far as anyone could tell, the dog's owner was nowhere to be seen.

Plastic surgeons at Birmingham Children's Hospital worked for two hours to sew her face back together but she could still be left with some scarring and nerve damage.

Destiny is used to being around dogs and is still happy to play with the family pet Dollar but Lauren says the attack has changed her mind about them being together.

Lauren says her decision to have the family dog re-homed was reinforced after a baby was attacked Credit: ITV Central

"I've never left him alone anyway but you never know, it could happen so quick, so fast, there's no guarantee I'll be there, so she's going to have to go."

– Lauren Henry, Mother

Lauren says her decision was reinforced by yesterday's news about one-week old Harry Harper from Shropshire who died after he was bitten by a Jack Russell.

One-week old Harry Harper from Shropshire who died after he was bitten by a Jack Russell Credit: ITV Central

A post mortem was being carried out this afternoon to determine exactly how he died but Lauren says there should be simple rules when it comes to animals and children.

"Dog's on a lead, and if it's vicious then dog's on a muzzle - and you don't take it to places like parks where kids are."

– Lauren Henry, Mother

Destiny Henry-Khan had a lucky escape. Harry Harper did not. They are the latest victims of a problem that however horrific its results, just keeps coming round again and again.