Gerry McCann calls on Prime Minister to change laws

Gerry McCann has called on the Prime Minister to change his mind on regulating the press Credit: ITV Central

Gerry McCann has called on the Prime Minister to change his mind and give his backing for a new law to underpin the recommendations of the Leveson report. The father of the missing Leicestershire schoolgirl has launched a petition in support of the victims of press intrusion.

David Cameron says parliament should resist bringing in a law** **to regulate the press but political opponents including his own deputy Nick Clegg disagree.

He read the Leveson report. He knows the pain of reckless press intrusion. That is why Gerry McCann wants the independent press watchdog favoured by Lord Leveson to be backed in law . He knows too that David Cameron does not agree. He says it's not a betrayal but it is not right either.

A draft bill is now being prepared but that's a long way off becoming law. Why is David Cameron resistant? He doesn't want to be the Prime Minister who introduces state regulation of the press. But victims of press intrusion like Gerry McCann fear that without a law the press will not behave itself.

He says this is the seventh review of the press conduct. We keep hearing that the press have learned the lessons . The press keep failing by their own standards. There is nothing wrong with the editors code of conduct the problem is enforcing it.

The petition will go live on the Hacked Off campaigners website. Kate and Gerry McCann want it signed to make parliament listen to ordinary people. They say MPs must help to rein in the press or risk having the Leveson report being kicked into the long grass. Alison Mackenzier Central Tonight.