Model of where Richard III stayed shortly before Battle of Bosworth

The reconstructed Blue Board Inn as a physical model Credit: University of Leicester

The University of Leicester has produced an accurate model of Leicester's Blue Boar Inn. By tradition, this was the house that Richard III shortly lived in before the Battle of Bosworth.

A model of the house has been reconstructed by a team from Leicester University following the discovery of a notebook in a private collection containing a measured survey of the iconic local timber framed building.

The Inn was demolished in 1836 by Henry Goddard, but was never drawn up and has remained forgotten for over 170 years.

The notes from the survey have now brought the Inn back to life.

The Blue Boar Inn was located on the site of what is now Leicester's Travelodge.

The building is believed to have been constructed in the mid-15th century on medieval Leicester's High Street - now Highcross Street.

Video courtesy of UniversityLeicester via YouTube.

Blue Boar Inn timeline:

  • Mid-15th century - The Inn was built on Leicester's High Street.

  • August 20th 1485 - Richard III is believed to have stayed the night at the Inn.

  • August 22nd 1485 - Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth.

  • 1605 - Landlady of the Inn was murdered.

  • 1826 - Leicester artist, John Flower, made two drawings of the building.

  • 1836 - The Inn was demolished.