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Possible early warning system for Kempsey flood victims

Many properties and homes were badly damaged in the flooding in November Photo: ITV Central

People who were flooded when a new Environment Agency pump failed in the floods were told today they may get a new early warning system.

The pumps work but shut down by mistake beacuse of a faulty sensor at the height of the floods.

The ford at the Hatfield Brook in Kempsey near Worcester is still high.

The brook floods often, so the Envrionment Agency fitted a pump to pump the water out when it peaks.

A faulty sensor meant the flood defence pumps failed in November Credit: ITV Central

That was last July, in November it failed, a faulty sensor telling the pumps to shut down.

Fifteen homes were flooded according to the Environment agency which replacing the computers and sensors in the pump.

Today they were in Kempsey telling locals what they will be doing to ensure they are not flooded again.

"There are alarms in place to say if there's a power cut or that there's a problem with the pumps and it'll send an alarm through to one of our duty officers who will then put actions in place to try and rectify whatever the problem is."

– Anthony Perry, Environment Agency

Over Christmas Mr Perry says the Environment Agency has been operating the pumps manually by starting and staopping them from the station and they are going to continue doing that until they have rebuolt the computer, replaced the sensors and recommissioned and retested the site to be sure that it works automatically in future.

He added that the Enviornment Agency is looking to put a plan in place a warning system to enable the community to take action and also for the Agency to know when to attend the site and put ,emasure sin place to ensure the pumps continue working

House owner Catherine Garner Oram is confident the flooding will not happen again Credit: ITV Central

The owner of one of the homes flooded in Kempsey that was left devastated says she is confident the Environment Agency will prevent it from happening again.

""We've always worked as a community really well with the Environment Agency and I'm confident that this won't happen again. They, I'm sure, have learnt the lesson from November and they've put in place a number of fail-safes."

– Catherine Garner Oram

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