Northfield man found guilty of manslaughter following gym fight

Thomas Powell, 48, was convicted today at Birmingham Crown Court Credit: West Midlands Police

A man has been found guilty of the manslaughter of David Hickman following a fight at a Northfield gym.

Thomas Powell, aged 48 from Northfield, was convicted today at Birmingham Crown Court.

He was cleared of murder in the trial that lasted two weeks.

Another man, Mundeep Sahota, aged 21 from Weoley Castle, was found guilty of affray for his involvement.

Mr Powell, known locally as Tommy, has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison. Sahota received 15 months.

On 9th July 2012, Powell and Sahota went to the Dark Arts gym in Northfield, which was owned by Mr Hickman, with the intention of settling a dispute with him.

A fight broke out when they arrived between Powell and Hickman on the stairway at the rear of the gym.

Both men threw punches and while doing so, toppled over the railings and fell approximately 10 feet to the floor.

David Hickman broke his neck in the fall. As he lay paralysed on the ground, Sahota kicked him in the genitals.

He suffered serious injuries and was rushed to hospital.

Powell also received injuries, including three broken ribs, but left the scene with Sahota in his vehicle, with Sahota driving.

David Hickman died on 21st July 2012.