Extended interviews with those behind Richard III


Philippa Langley, screenwriter and investigative inaugurator behind the quest for King Richard III's lost grave, says the experience of seeing him in 3D was 'incredible'.

She is now looking to secure a development deal for her film script that tells the real story of King Richard III.

Michael Ibsen, a carpenter from North London, may look an ordinary man. But in fact, the closer you inspect, the more regal he appeals. Mr Ibsen's DNA proved that he was a 17th-generation nephew of Richard III, by historians who tracked him down several years ago.

The Canadian-born descendent said he feels 'familiar' around the model of his distant relative.

Dr. Phil Stone became chairman of the Richard III Society in 2002. Phil has worked closely with Philippa Langley over the last two years supporting her work on the Greyfriars project in Leicester.

Dr. Stone wants the stereotype created by William Shakespeare to be eradicated.