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Doctor suffering a rare blood cancer receives new drug

A GP from Derbyshire who has a rare form of blood cancer says he's got his life back after being prescribed a new drug which isn't freely available on the NHS.

Ruxolitinib is only available in certain parts of the country, depending on whether or not the patient's clinician and local primary care trust are willing to pay for it.

Fewer than 600 people in the country have the disease, known as Myleofibrosis. It causes extreme fatigue, an enlarged spleen and severe itching all over the body.

Dr Colin Clayton Credit: ITV News Central

Dr Colin Clayton from Alfreton was diagnosed in 2009 and tried every treatment available – none worked and some made him worse.

He was eventually referred to a professor at Guy's and Thomas's hospital in London. They prescribed the new drug, and he says within 24 hours he could feel "vitality rushing back to him".

It costs between £1,800 and £3,600 a month for each patient to have it. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, who regulate the use of drugs by the NHS, say its not cost effective to make it available to all who may benefit.