A motorist from Nottingham whose car was shunted a quarter of a mile down a motorway by a lorry is calling for action to get rid of HGV blind spots.

Mr Sheldon says it was terrifying and he was lucky not to be killed in the accident on the M1 near Hucknall.

The pensioner from Basford claims the lorry pulled into his lane without being aware that he was there, and pushed his Kia Picanto down the carriageway at 50mph.

He says the truck-driver only realised what was happening when he saw smoke from one of the car wheels which had blown and caught fire.

A wheel and panel was ripped off Credit: ITV News Central

Under European law, lorries registered since January 2007 have to be fitted with improved wide-view mirrors to extend the driver's vision.

But Mr Sheldon wants new legislation to cover older vehicles.

"The law wants changing, and fast. If it saves one life by fitting mirrors on these lorries, it's got to be worth it."

This video illustrates what can happen when a lorry has a blind spot. This is not Mr Sheldon's accident. This was filmed by West Yorkshire Police in Leeds back in 2010.