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Staying cool and unsettled

Unsettled week ahead

Winter is not going anywhere at the moment with no let up in the cold temperatures – expect icy nights and more wintry showers too. Low Pressure is to blame sitting to the south of us pulling in the cold and showery conditions.

This afternoon will be cloudy, the East Midlands getting away with a mostly dry day but as the temperature rises it will trigger a few showers across the West Midlands. The breeze is gentle but coming from a cold northerly direction. Temperatures will only reach 6 or 7c – a good 3 or 4 degrees lower than we would expect this time of year.

This evening the showers will continue for a time before they ease overnight. Some clearer spells will develop and allow temperatures to drop to close to freezing or below in more rural spots. With the light wind mist and fog patches will form too and it will be icy.

Expect a cold, icy start tomorrow with lots of cloud and mist patches. It will be mostly dry for the first part of the morning but it won't take long for the showers to get going. By the afternoon they will be quite lively, a mixture of rain, sleet and snow plus some thunder and lightening for good measure! Temperatures will reach 6 or 7c – just like today.

The wintry showers will continue tomorrow night and set the scene for an unsettled day on Wednesday. It will be dull with patchy rain on and off through the day and hill snow. It will feel cold everywhere.

A bit of a lull in the weather on Thursday when it will be mostly dry but cloudy.

Friday the unsettled theme continues as rain sweeps eastwards across the region.

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