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Welcome to spring

Coventry Photo: William Round

Well it is official, Spring has arrived. Maybe someone could tell the weather?!

Today is the Spring Equinox but it feels and looks anything but Spring like with below average temperatures and snow for some of us too!

The cold March is highlighted even further when you compare 2013 to 2012.

On this day last year we recorded highs across the Midlands of between 14c - 15.4c today we will be lucky to reach 5c, the average temperature for the first half of March this year has been 6.4c.

In the whole of March last year we saw 23mm of rain, already this year we've recorded almost twice as much at 39.1mm.

When it comes to sunshine March 2012 gave us 169.8 hours compared to 46.8 so far this month.

Sadly the weather doesn't look set to improve over the next few days with more rain and cold temperatures to come.

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