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Mick Philpott sentenced to life for killing his six chidlren

Mick & Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley in the dock Photo: ITV Central

Mick Philpott has been given a life sentence for killing his six children in a fire at his home in Derby in May 2012.

He will be 70 years old before he will be eligible for parole, which will be a minimum of 15 years into his jail term.

His wife Mairead was this morning given a 17 year jail term for her part in setting the fire, which killed their children, Duwayne, Jack, John, Jesse, Jayden and their sister Jade, at their home on Victory Road in Allenton on May 11th.

Paul Mosley, who was the Philpott's accomplice was also jailed for 17 years, and told he would serve at least half of that.

Duwayne, Jack, John, Jesse, Jayden and their sister Jade Credit: ITV Central

As the sentences were handed down there was shouting of "Die Mick die" from the public gallery.

The Judge, Mrs Justice Thirlwall told the defendants there was "no precedent" for the case, and added: "It is, in my judgment, a uniquely grave set of offences."

She described the plot to set fire to the house and rescue the children inside as "a wicked and dangerous plan" and was "outside the comprehension of any right-thinking person".

The judge said the children were subjected to a terrifying ordeal.

She said:

"Their terror was the price they were going to pay for your callous selfishness. In fact, they paid with their six young lives."

All six children died from smoke inhalation, which the judge described as merciful as the deaths were probably swift and without pain.

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