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Cooling down & turning more unsettled over the next few days

Temperatures on Monday are set to be the warmest of the year so far with dry and sunny conditions for most parts of the region.

Unfortunately high pressure and the settled weather will not last.

By midweek on Wednesday a wet and windy spell will work it's way up from the southwest, bringing fresher winds and a spell of rain, heaviest in the west and more light and patchy for the east.

It will be less warm tomorrow with wet & windy spells pushing north

As the rain clears north drier conditions develop but there is a risk of a thundery downpour during the afternoon.

But it is Thursday that looks particularly unsettled, bringing stormy conditions for coasts and hills.

Low Pressure on Thursday

A fairly deep area of low pressure will bring wet and very windy weather our way. The Met Office have already issued a warning for the southwest of the UK, clipping into the southwest of our region.

Thursday's wind gusts could reach 50-60 mph for exposed areas.

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