Members of HS2 Action Alliance from the Midlands are travelling to London tomorrow to attend a hearing at the Court of Appeal.

They are taking on the Government over their decision-making regarding the environmental impact of the planned HS2 high speed rail line through the Midlands.

HS2 Action Alliance is appealing the March 2013 judgment on its Judicial Review, claiming the Government has not followed correct processes when assessing the effect of the line on surrounding countryside.

HS2 Action Alliance says:

The Government’s failure to properly consider the environmental impact of HS2 and its alternatives has led them to the wrong decision. The Government is failing in its duty to protect the environment for future generations. HS2 doesn’t stand up on environmental grounds, has no business case and should simply be dropped.

In a statement the Department for Transport says:

The High Court was firm in dismissing these challenges and the Government will continue to defend any challenge in the Court of Appeal. It is unfortunate but inevitable that opponents of HS2 will do what ever they can to delay the Government's plans, but the Government remains committed to delivering HS2 as quickly as possible.