The directors of Coventry City Football Club have been told they could face prosecution over the club's accounts.

Earlier this year the Sky Blues went into administration and had 25 points deducted. Companies House have confirmed to Coventry MP Bob Ainsworth that they've warned Sky Blues bosses that they may face legal proceedings, for not filing accounts on time.

In a letter to the MP a representative of Companies House stated:

my Enforcement team are actively pursuing the overdue accounts of Coventry Football Club (Holdings) Limited; we have written to the directors warning them they may face criminal proceedings if they are not filed.

In a statement regarding their accounts Coventry City Football Club blamed the administration process for the delay and stated that Arena Coventry Limited (ACL), the company that runs the Ricoh Stadium, may have put pressure on the club not to sign the accounts:

The administration process has quite naturally delayed the filing of the accounts of the companies connected with the football club. Indeed, we believe that at one stage during the process, ACL may have put pressure on club's auditors not to sign off the accounts. We are of course working to resolve the situation and will be providing comprehensive information to Companies House very shortly.

In response to these allegations ACL stated:

The allegation that we have put pressure on the club’s auditors not to sign off the accounts is completely false and we expect it to be retracted immediately. There is quite simply no mechanism through which ACL can put pressure on the auditors not to sign off accounts. Like all interested parties, ACL has been keen to understand the financial operations of the club. After all, this is an organisation that claims not to be able to afford the rent that it is contractually bound to pay but apparently can afford to build a new stadium. We look forward to the accounts being filed with interest.

The revelation that Sky Blues directors may face criminal prosecution comes in the midst of the storm of anger from fans at the club's move from the Ricoh Arena to Sixfields Stadium in Northampton.