Claims new Derby sports arena will be the city's 'Angel of the North'

The new stadium is due to be completed by November next year Credit: ITV News Central

It's been called the most significant addition to the Derby skyline in a generation.

Today we got our first look around.

At £27 million, it doesn't come cheap, but the city council insists Derby will reap the benefits.

Martin Repton, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture at Derby City Council claims people will enjoy the building for decades to come:

"This is going to be our real Angel of the North, I'm absolutely convinced of that.

"It's going to be something that the people of Derby and the region can be truly proud of and use in their hundreds of thousands every year.

"It's the city's way of investing our way out of recession and so it's going to be something that will benefit the area economically."

This is the vision. At each end, the cycle track will bank steeply from the orange fence in the right of the picture to the gangway at the top - a 40 degree gradient.

Project manager Neil Brook told ITV News Central that it will not just be about bikes:

"We've got a central area which is set below the cycling track. Sports such as netball, badminton can take place, and also concerts with seating in the central area able to host 5000 people."

The vast structure incorporates 1700 tonnes of steel.

That's the equivalent of 200 London buses, and if laid end to end would stretch the length of a marathon.

It's due for completion in November next year. And could even put its neighbour Pride Park stadium in the shade.