West Midlands Police have released images of Pavlo Lapshyn preparing for and carrying out attacks in Birmingham, Tipton and Walsall.

Police released CCTV after the murder of Mohammed Saleem on 29 April. This shows Lapshyn running away from the scene after killing Mr Saleem.

Ukrainian Pavlo Lapshyn then plotted to carry out a series of attacks on mosques across the West Midlands.

The first was in Walsall. This image shows Lapshyn on board a bus from Birmingham headed to Walsall.

Pavlo Lapshyn carrying bomb on a bus from Birmingham to Walsall Credit: West Midlands Police

Lapshyn is then captured on CCTV heading towards the mosque in Walsall with a bomb. The device itself was placed inside a children's lunchbox.

Lapshyn seen heading towards the mosque in Walsall with a bomb Credit: West Midlands Police

Lapshyn placed the bomb in a lunchbox before he planted it near the mosque in Walsall.

Lapshyn used a lunchbox like this Credit: West Midlands Police

This image shows the remains of the explosive device found after it detonated near a mosque in Walsall.

Remains of explosive device in Walsall

After planting a bomb by the mosque in Walsall, Lapshyn is caught on CCTV buying a bottle of wine.

CCTV shows Lapshyn buying wine after planting bomb in Walsall Credit: West Midlands Police

Days prior to the attack in Walsall, Lapshyn is seen on CCTV carrying out a reconnaissance mission.

CCTV shows Lapshyn on his reconnaissance mission Credit: West Midlands Police

Lapshyn's most dangerous bomb was the one planted in Tipton, which contained nails.

Some of the nails collected by forensic teams in the vicinity of Tipton mosque Credit: West Midlands Police

During searches of his accommodation, police found chemicals.

Chemicals found in Lapshyn's accommodation Credit: West Midlands Police

Lapshyn used mobile phones as timing devices. These were found by police officers when searches were carried out on his accommodation.

Mobile phones used as timing devices Credit: West Midlands Police