A postgraduate student from Ukraine has admitting murdering a grandfather from Birmingham and planting bombs near mosques in the West Midlands to increase racial conflict.

Pavlo Lapshyn, who's 25, killed Mohammed Saleem, 82, just five days after he arrived to work in the country. He also planted bombs near mosques in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Tipton. The Tipton device contained hundreds of nails and exploded just an hour before Ramadan prayers.

Today, Lapshyn appeared at the Old Bailey. Mr Saleem's family were at the hearing.

Timeline: Lapshyn's movements in the three months leading to his arrest.

View images released by police of Lapshyn preparing and carrying out his attacks.

Pavlo Lapshyn told officers he wanted to blow up Muslim worshippers because he was a racist. The student said he wanted to carry out a series of explosions - as he thought that would achieve more than a single act of terrorism.

West Midlands Police say they believe he acted alone and had no links to extreme organisations.

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