Coroner: 'Police powers of detention need extending'

Rachael Slack was stabbed to death along with her son 23-month-old Auden Credit: ITV News Central

A Coroner has made four key recommendations in the wake of an inquest that returned the verdict that Rachael Slack and her son, Auden Slack, were unlawfully killed by her former partner, Andrew Cairns, in 2010.

Coroner Dr Robert Hunter said he will be making the following reports with action for consideration in the wake of the inquest:

  • Consider extending police powers of detention in relation to suspects involved in offences of a violent or sexual nature who break their bail conditions.

  • Bring in a national training programme on domestic violence for all police officers.

  • Improve sharing of information between police and mental health services.

  • Formulate a document for domestic violence cases accessible to all police officers which can be updated with new information as necessary.

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