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Latest information on tonight's storm

The current position of the storm Photo:

This morning's satellite image of the area of low pressure rapidly deepening to the SW of the UK. It will track north east across England and Wales this evening and overnight.

Pressure chart

The pressure chart shows the track of the low across the UK and the associated heavy rain. The rain will be heaviest across the midlands during the early hours of Monday.

Exceptionally strong winds. Gusts 60 - 80 mph

This is the current warning area for the exceptionally strong winds. Winds will be strongest across the midlands between 3 am and 10 am on Monday morning.

Met Office warnings

The Amber warning means be prepared for strong winds and is valid from midnight until 12 pm on Monday. Damage and disruption is expected to trees, property and travel networks.

The Yellow warning means be aware of heavy rain that could cause local flooding and is valid from midnight until 12 pm on Monday.