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Storm in a teacup

The worst of the storm is passing further south than expected Photo: ITV News Central

We have had a lucky escape in the East and West Midlands with most of the stormy weather staying further South.

Here is what happened: The Low Pressure bringing rain and strong winds to the UK followed the track that was forecast by the Met Office. The most damaging winds were always on the southern flank of the Low which meant because of the position of the low we escaped them across the majority of the region. There was always some uncertainty as to the track of the Low but it is our duty to highlight the risk and potential for extreme conditions.

The centre of the Low Pressure is currently tracking through the Midlands, bringing with it lots of rain. 31mm has been recorded in Church Lawford near Rugby and 28mm at Wittering in Lincolnshire, as well as Wellesbourne in Warwickshire which had 34mm between 6pm last night and 7am this morning.

There are currently 42 flood alerts in the Midlands, please check the Environment Agency website for more information.

The very strong winds are now heading for Anglia. As for us here in the Midlands, we will be left with rain through this morning which will clear through into the North Sea by lunchtime. Behind that it will be showery and windy for the remainder of the day.

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