Thousands caught by bus lane camera

Bus lane at Priory Queensway Credit: Birmingham City Council

It has been revealed that 11,000 drivers have been caught in just 52 days by one bus lane camera in Birmingham.

The camera is located on the southbound carriageway of Priory Queensway and set-up to catch people driving illegally in bus lanes or bus only streets.

Bus Lane Locations in Birmingham City Centre

  • Masshouse Lane

  • Moor Street

  • Moor Street Queensway (Moor Street to Carrs Lane)

  • Moor Street Queensway (Carrs Lane to Albert Street)

  • Moor Street Queensway (Albert Street to Priory Queensway)

  • Bull Street

  • Moor Street Queensway (East bound slip road)

  • Moor Street Queensway (South West bound slip road)

  • The Priory Queensway (Moor Street Queensway to Old Square)

  • The Priory Queensway (Priory Queensway West)

  • St Martins Queensway

There is more information on the bus lane locations and cameras in Birmingham at this link.

Moor Street Queensway (South West bound slip road) Credit: Birmingham City Council

Levels of Penalty Charge

  • Penalty Charge £60

  • Penalty Charge if paid within 14 days, beginning with the date on which the PCN was served as specified on the front of the PCN £30

  • Penalty Charge if paid after service of charge certificate £90

Birmingham City Council has provided information on the penalty charges.