Electric delivery trikes - will they catch on in Britain?

The delivery trike can hold up to a quarter of a ton Credit: ITV News Central

We could be seeing a lot more of these in the future. Goods being delivered to our high streets - not by van or lorry - but by a trike with an electric motor.

Designed to carry quarter of a ton, they are being developed in Coventry, and the plan is to set up a factory there to make them.

Benjamin Rieder is a businessman from Belgium who has a company which already moves a thousand parcels a day using electric trikes.

There are already concerns about the safety of cycling in Britain which is less geared up to bikes than many places abroad.

Some motorists we spoke to were horrified at the prospect of these being on our congested roads.

Those backing this idea say as streets become clogged up with cars and lorries, bikes carrying cargo could be a solution.

Critics say they will just add to the problems.

See the delivery trike in action below.