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Police advice for Cyber Monday shopping

With Cyber Monday predicted to be the busiest ever online shopping day, West Midlands Police have some advice on how to stay secure when you spend on the internet.

Police issue advice on how to stay safe shopping online Credit: PA

What can you do to prevent becoming victim?

The use of secure payments systems, such as PayPal, limit the chance of becoming a victim when using auction sites or generally when purchasing goods over the internet.

If possible use credit cards when purchasing items on the internet as they are a more secure payment method.

Always use official and secure websites.

Always check the rating of the sellers before bidding on auction websites to ensure they have a positive selling history.

Ensure when completing your personal and financial details on the payment page of the website that there is a yellow pad lock icon at the bottom of the page.

Key Points

  • Keep your personal documents secure; always finely shred no longer needed documents which contain personal information before throwing them away/recycling the paper.
  • Always report lost or stolen documents quickly to the police and issuing organisation.
  • Avoid putting data sensitive personal information that would enable people who don’t know you to identify you and use your information either to harass you or steal your identity on social networking sites such as Facebook/MySpace/Bebo.
  • Keep your computer protected by current anti-virus software and do regular checks on its integrity.
  • Do not open email attachments if you do not know or trust the originator of the email & do not respond to emails if you do not know or trust the originator of the email.
  • Password protect your documents; do not choose passwords that would be easy to guess, and keep them all safe.

What do I do if I become a victim?

If you think your card has been used fraudulently over the internet, please contact the bank, building society or credit card company where the account is held.

If you have purchased goods from an auction site where payment has been made but the goods have not been delivered, please contact the auction site and your local police station (details can be found on the contact us page)

Any phishing emails relating to Paypal should be forwarded to or if it relates to Ebay, forward it to

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