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Forgotten motor race could return after Hill Climb event is celebrated at gala

Part of the track was the main drive to the estate Photo: Hagley and District Light Car Club

A motor race near Droitwich that has not taken place for nearly 50 years could return if campaigners get enough support to persuade the Motorsport Association to bring it back.

The Chateau Impney Hill Climb ran annually, from 1957 to 1967, when a variety of cars would race around the course in the grounds of the house.

Cars from the world-famous Le Mans 24 hour race took part in the event alongside others including:

  • Frazer Nash
  • MG J3
  • T35B Bugatti
  • HWM-Jaguar
  • Jaguar C Type
  • Ferrari 250 GT
  • Austin Healey
The course finished in front of the chateau Credit: Hagley and District Light Car Club

Thousands of spectators used to line the route to watch the top drivers of the era race along the twisting 550 yard course.

The race was so popular, organisers had to limit the number of entrants and turn away many would-be competitors.

Thousands crowd the race start Credit: Hagley and District Light Car Club

The event attracted some of the biggest racing names of the time. Tony Marsh, Phil Scragg and David Good all competed, with the latter winning the first ever event in a time of just 24.64 seconds.

Today, the group behind the race, the Hagley and District Light Car Club, are holding a gala event to bring motor sport enthusiasts back to the chateau, and celebrate the event.

One of the cars on the starting line Credit: Hagley and District Light Car Club

The organisers want to find out how much support they have for bringing the event back, so they can approach the Motorsport Association with a supported plan.

One car storms round the track Credit: Hagley and District Light Car Club

While many Droitwich residents will have heard of Chateau Impney, it seems that the majority do not know about our proud motor sport connection and that the grounds used to host one of the most anticipated events in the local racing calendar.

We are hoping that local residents, both young and old, will take the opportunity to come and learn more about the history of the event and see first-hand some of the iconic, beautiful cars that used to grace the course.

– Ben Elder, General Manager