A 'wind proof' umbrella put to the test

Could this be the umbrella of the future? Credit: ITV Central

We've all been there, the rain comes down, the umbrella goes up and then whoosh a gust of wind and it all goes wrong. Then there's the brutal brolly, you're innocently walking along and ouch some careless person pokes you right in the eye. Could this latest invention put a stop to all that?

Stephen Collier - an entrepreneur from Kenilworth created the Rainshader. He says it can withstand speeds of 40mph.

Central News Weather Presenter Lucy Kite puts test the umbrella in a wind tunnel at Coventry University.

The International Institute for Produce and Service Innovation at the University of Warwick were involved in the design of the Rainshader.

Chris Brown from Warwick University talks about how they fine tuned Stephen Collier's design to make the Rainshader.

The umbrella was first created by the Chinese 4,000 years ago - only time will tell whether this new shape will take off.

For more information on The Rainshader visit http://www.rainshader.com/