For the last time, the DC-10 flew with passengers. Among aviation fans this is an historic plane and today was an historic flight.

Over the last three days one and a half thousand people have paid to fly on this plane before it retires. For some it was a trip of a lifetime.

I came all the way from Miami because I have a very personal connection with the airplane. It has always been my favourite and throughout my aviation life I have always found first flights special but I have never in my life been on the last flight of anything. So to me this was a chance to be a part of history. I feel like a flux capacitor! I feel like I have gone back in time and somebody has called from the 70s and they want their flight back! It has just been an amazing experience. The last time I was on a DC10 was in 1996. To hear that sound, to hear those engines, to hear that roar, it is an experience that will never be repeated again.

The view from the cockpit on take-off Credit: ITV News Central

I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I am on this flight because I am an avid aviation enthusiast. I have spent my whole life wanting to fly on this plane and this is the first and last time I will ever do it! Today is my thirtieth birthday and the plane is retiring, and I can die a happy lady!

The DC10 was the last word in luxury jet travel paving the way for the jumbo jet. There are still signs on this aircraft of its quirky and luxurious past from three decades ago.

...somewhere to hang your coat on that long flight to exotic destinations Credit: ITV News Central

The plane is operated by Biman, the national carrier of Bangladesh. They chose Birmingham for this flight because it starts a new service to New York, and it was a chance to say goodbye, in style, to a grand old lady of the skies.

The DC-10 touches down for the final time Credit: ITV News Central