Mum labelled a 'tramp' for breastfeeding daughter in public

Emily Slough was called a 'tramp' on social network site Facebook Credit: Emily Slough

A mother from Rugeley in Staffordshire says she is shocked and angry after being labelled a tramp for breastfeeding her daughter in the centre of town.

A picture of Emily Slough feeding eight-month-old Matilda was posted on a Facebook page on Friday with the following description:

"I know the sun is out n all that but there's no need to let your kid feast on your nipple in town!!! Tramp."

The comments and picture have since been removed and the Facebook page deactivated.

The mother said she was "shocked" when she discovered what had been said about her:

A photograph of Emily breastfeeding her daughter was posted on a Rugeley community page Credit: ITV News Central

In response to the image, Emily has organised a mass breastfeeding protest in Rugeley at 12pm on Saturday 15 March. She said:

Emily's 8-month-old daughter Matilda Credit: Emily Slough

Emily was out shopping with her daughter in Rugeley last Friday when she stopped to have some lunch and feed her daughter on the steps of a restaurant.

At that point someone snapped a picture of her breastfeeding and posted it on the Spotted Rugeley facebook page.

The old 'Spotted Rugeley' page was deactivated after the image was posted and a new 'Spotted Rugeley' under new admin has posted the message: "We fully support breastfeeding publicly and think the old post was disgusting".