Fuel cost at three year low - which Midlands city is cheapest for petrol & diesel?

The West Midlands is the cheapest place in the country for diesel Credit: PA

The West Midlands is the cheapest place in the country to buy diesel at 136.3p a litre. It comes as a study into fuel prices by the AA found rates for petrol and diesel are at a three year low.

However the motoring organisation says that's offset when you adjust for inflation with average earnings being pushed back to 2002 levels.

In the space of a year the average price for a litre of petrol has fallen by just under 9 pence, from 138.42p per litre in 2013 to 129.46p today.

How our cities rank for cheapest petrol prices

  • COVENTRY 125.7p per litre

  • BIRMINGHAM 125.9p per litre

  • NOTTINGHAM 125.9p per litre

  • LEICESTER 126.7p per litre

  • LINCOLN 126.7p per litre

  • WOLVERHAMPTON 126.9p per litre

  • HEREFORD 126.9p per litre

  • WORCESTER 126.9p per litre

  • PETERBOROUGH 128.9p per litre

  • DERBY 130.9p per litre

  • STOKE 132.9p per litre

Diesel prices are at their lowest since July 2012, with the average cost per litre averaging 136.59p in mid March compared to 137.02p last month. Further reductions of 1p to 2p-a-litre are expected to come with reducing wholesale prices. Twelve months ago diesel averaged 145.25p a litre.

It comes after Chancellor George Osborne announced another fuel duty freeze in the budget, which is in contrast to other European countries where prices are going up, including France, Holland, Italy and Sweden.

How our cities rank for cheapest diesel prices

  • COVENTRY 129.9p per litre

  • BIRMINGHAM 131.9p per litre

  • LEICESTER 131.9p per litre

  • WORCESTER 131.9p per litre

  • NOTTINGHAM 132.7p per litre

  • LINCOLN 132.7p per litre

  • WOLVERHAMPTON 132.7p per litre

  • DERBY 132.7p per litre

  • STOKE 132.7p per litre

  • HEREFORD 133.5p per litre

  • PETERBOROUGH 135.9p per litre

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Source: PetrolPrices.com

Coventry is the cheapest city in the Midlands for both diesel & petrol Credit: PA

The AA also pointed to a small increase in the number of UK petrol stations after years of decline, and the recent improved weather compared with the extreme cold of March 2013.

AA president Edmund King said: