Birmingham school bans energy drinks

Small Heath School has banned a variety of energy drinks, including Red Bull Credit: BPM Media (Midlands)

A school in Birmingham has banned energy drinks over fears that children as young as 11 were drinking up to three cans a day.

The headteacher of the school, Peter Slough, said the drinks had replaced a proper breakfast for some children and were a major factor in pupils failing to concentrate in class.

The news of the campaign comes two months after a Government advisor called for the drinks to be banned in schools.

Mr Slough said any pupil seen with an energy drink had it confiscated and children found flouting the ban twice faced an after-school detention.

The school recognises it is relatively easy for pupils to buy the drinks within 300 metres of the school grounds.

The British Soft Drinks Association, which counts Red Bull and other energy drink companies as members, backed Mr Slough’s campaign.

Mr Slough’s campaign echoes the view of restaurateur John Vincent, who jointly compiled a school food plan for Education Secretary Michael Gove.