Exclusive: Birmingham Six member revisits prison after being wrongly jailed for bombings

Paddy Hill revisited the former HMP Lancaster Castle with ITV News Central Credit: ITV News Central

For the first time in almost 40 years, one of the six men jailed for the Birmingham pub bombings has been back inside the prison where they were held during their trial.

ITV News has been given exclusive access to film Paddy Hill inside the cells at the former HMP Lancaster Castle and the trial courtroom at the adjoining Shire Hall.

He was filmed there by our correspondent Keith Wilkinson who worked as a journalist in the Lancaster area at the time of the case in the summer of 1975.

Paddy Hill was a member of the Birmingham Six who were convicted of 21 murders after the bombing of two pubs in Birmingham in 1974.

They always protested their innocence and in 1991 their convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal at the Old Bailey. Their case is regarded as one of Britain's most notorious miscarriages of justice.

Paddy Hill and the others have alleged in court they faced a number of beatings after their arrests, but Paddy says they were treated very well at Lancaster Castle by the prison officers.

The Birmingham Six have said they were beaten after being arrested Credit: ITV News Central

He says they even brought them a bottle of beer each every night during the trial.

He says many of the officers at Lancaster were convinced they would be freed - and he says their governor even hugged them with tears in his eyes when they were found guilty and given life sentences.

Paddy Hill at the old prison in Lancashire Credit: ITV News Central

Paddy Hill - who now lives in Scotland - says he will never forget the sound of the bells at the nearby Priory church which he could hear from his cell.

Although he says they were treated comparatively well at Lancaster Castle, his stay there marked the beginning of a 16-year nightmare.

Paddy Hill remembers hearing the bells from his cell Credit: ITV News Central

Standing on the prison landing he walked along for several weeks back in 1975, he said: